The History of Milton, Ontario

History of Milton

Milton was first settled in 1818 by Jasper Martin, who arrived with his family from Newcastle, England. Martin settled along Six Mile Creek, building a grist mill and a pond to power it.

The Martins remained one of two main property owners in the town, with the Fosters being the other. By 1837, the town was given the name Mill Town and had a population of 100. A few years later, the name was officially changed to Milton and in 1857 it was officially incorporated.

In 1974, Milton grew, as several other towns were incorporated into its boundaries. This added Niagara Escarpment lands to the town. The addition of these lands made tourism, recreation and heritage preservation increasingly important to the town.

Gradually, over time, Milton continued to grow, to it’s current level of around 60,000 people. as people were attracted to the town’s amenities, but also it’s proximity to jobs in the Toronto area, and ease of access to highways. This meant that increasingly, Milton was becoming a bedroom community for those commuting to jobs in and around Toronto.

Today, Milton continues to grow rapidly.